Jenni Loimukoski - five questions to a new Joo team member

Hilla Höyhtyä
Hilla Höyhtyä

Jenni Loimukoski has been appointed as Head of B2B Sales & Business development at Asuntoyhtymä. Jenni started in her new role at the beginning of May, focusing on new and existing corporate customer relationships.

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”I've already learnt a lot about the apartment rental industry and our customers. My work has kicked off fast, which is wonderful,” Loimukoski says. With several years' experience in different sales roles, she is enthusiastic about developing the Joo Kodit corporate sales further.

Five questions to Jenni

1. Who are you? I'm Jenni Loimukoski, a Helsinki-based fortysomething. My family comprises my partner and two girls who are 2 and 4. Our life combining pre-school children and work in Lauttasaari is always busy, and we have several hobbies together as a family.

2. What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy so many things that I tend not to have enough time for it all! I like sports, interior design, cooking and travelling. I've played basketball since I was little and I still play in women's third division. During COVID-19 I decided to study to become an interior designer, and now I've had the chance to participate in many interesting interior design projects.

3. Where have you worked before this? Customer-driven sales is my passion, which has defined my entire career. I've worked in everything from event marketing and media sales to staff rental. These years have been marked by plenty of successes but they've also had their challenges, which have helped me develop as both a person and a professional.

4. What are you most looking forward to in your new role? I'd like to meet my customers face to face as soon as possible and learn about their needs. I also look forward to participating in different development projects.

5. What motivates you, what gets you excited? Challenges motivate me. I get excited by developing more efficient processes, and I'm driven by the opportunity to learn and develop myself.

Warmest welcome to Jenni! ! If you are our corporate customer, you can contact Jenni for all matters related to our rental apartments. You can find her contact details on Joo Kodit website here.